M&M Railroad Trackless Train

The M&M Trackless-Train


Our trackless train business began several years ago as an idea between friends. Then, in 2006, our dream started to take shape. That’s when we discovered the perfect trackless train hiding in Illinois. She needed a bit of work, but we were certain that with our passion and dedication the train would become a crowd pleaser.

Wasting no time, we returned to Ohio with our prize and began the restoration project. Barely out of the paint shop, and less than two weeks after arriving back in Ohio, our little trackless party train signed its first booking.

The rest is, as they say, history.

The M&M Trackless train is unique among trackless trains. It was designed to look like the classic streamlined trains of the mid 20th century. The rounded nose of our locomotive is reminiscent of the classic locomotive designs used for famous trains like the of the Santa Fe Super Chief and the Broadway Limited.

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