M&M Railroad – Frequently Asked Questions

Q Where can you operate the trackless train?

  • A The M&M railroad can operate on any smooth surface such as concrete or asphalt. We can even operate on grassy areas as long as the grass is not to wet or to steep of an incline.

Q How many riders can your train hold?

  • A The M&M train can seat 18 adults or 27 children.

Q How many riders can your Fire Truck hold?

  • A The M&M Fire Truck can seat up to 10 people.

Q Are their any limitations on who can ride your train?

  • A Anyone from 1 month to 100 years old can ride the M&M Railroad.

Q How long is your train?

  • A The train measures at 56 feet which includes 1 engine, up to 3 passenger cars, and 1 flat bed to haul coolers, lawn chairs, wheel chairs, strollers, or just about anything small enough to fit on a 3 ft x 9 ft space.

Q What is included in a train rental?

  • A Along with your rental of our train, you receive a qualified staff of operators who will ensure that your guests are safe while riding.

Q Can I, or my guests operate the train?

  • A Unfortunately, no. Our operators are insured and qualified to operate the train. We cannot allow anyone else to do so.

Q Is my space large enough to run your train?

  • A The M&M Railroad can operate in an area as small as 30 ft x 100 ft.